Current articles for 7/17/2018

  1. K9 Manager Professional - Update
    K9 Manager Professional v.5 is currently 65% completed. We plan to roll out the newest version by the second week of December. Drop us an email if your interested in upgrading as there will be special pricing. If you're interested in a new purchase you will be able to download the latest to demo when it becomes available.

  1. K9 Manager Professional
    K9 Manager Professional v.5 Beta has been released. Please see the products page for download instructions. We are continuing to work on the final release version which we hope will be released in early June 2015.
  2. File Organizer Professional
    A simple to use "run once to configure and then enjoy" database application that is guaranteed to help you keep pretty much anything you ever wanted to catalog and track on your computer... cataloged and tracked!!
  3. Custom Programming
    If you are a small business owner and find that you are in need of custom software to help you run your business. We do just about anything on the Windows Platform. Give us a call! We offer a personal, NO CHARGE consultation.