Current products for 7/17/2018

  1. K9 Manager Professional - v.3.5 Build 2011
    K9 Manager Professional v.3.5 is currently the latest release of the K9 Manager Professional Software. We plan to roll out the newest version by the second week of January 2015. This will be a beta version and will not be purchasable initially. Drop us an email if your interested in upgrading as there will be special pricing. If you're interested in a new purchase you will be able to download the latest to demo when it becomes available. In the interim, please feel free to download this version to demo. Please be advised that v.5 is a complete departure from v.3.5. There will be no upgrade path from v.3.5 to 5 due to the many enhancements and database modifications. If you are interested in upgrading your data, there will be an option to do so, however this will require a database conversion process which must be scheduled with us prior to purchasing. An additional cost will be charged for the conversion which will be quoted prior to your purchase for your approval.

    Download K9 Manager v.3.5 Build 2011
  2. K9 Manager Professional - v.5.0.700.1 Build BETA
    K9 Manager Professional v.5 beta is ready for download. You will want to also download the install guide document as well as the quick start document to help with getting setup and using the software. Please keep in mind that this is a beta version and you may experience bugs and or other issues related to using the software. You can email our support line with any issues that you encounter and we will queue them to be fixed in the next beta / release build.

    Download K9 Manager v.5.0.700.1 Build BETA Download Install Guide Document Download Quick Start Document

  1. HOS.Bible Study - v.1.0 Build XXXX
    HOS Bible Study (Beta Release) is designed for simplicity. There are lots of great Bible study programs out there that have tons of features and content that can enhance your Bible Study experience, but very few of them centralize on integrating YOUR notes and text into your study time. After trying out several, and although all were awesome, I just couldn't find what I was looking for so I decided to write my own. HOS.Bible Study starts with simplicity because it's the Bible that you are really interested in, not learning another software program. So how did we achieve this? You can search, you can link, you can create Bible Studies with a full rich text editor for highlighting, bulleting, font choices and sizes... etc! You get the Bible, you get Matthew Henrys and then you get a tab to create your own commentary. There are many other "Simple" things you can do that will drive you towards what you are really sitting down to do. "Study God's Word!!!" So Enjoy. Release date set for 6/1/2016

  1. HomeWare - v.1.0 Build XXXX
    HomeWare is an interactive application that is designed to give everyone in your home a way to keep track of the things they care about most. I mean why do you need to have a different application that has the ability to let you store and retrieve information about things you care about when you can have all that in one place? I asked myself the same question, but found nothing that could fill the bill. It seems we are inspired to write software more often because we can't find what we really want. HomeWare was born from this need. Download and check it out. It has a CD Library, DVD Library, School Planner, Home Inventory, Personal Journal, Home Project Planner, Recipe Library, Secure Information Library and more... Release date set for 7/1/2016