Current services for 7/17/2018

  1. Basic Programming Services
    Basic programming services can cover many different areas or categories. At a high level, we can create many different types of interfaces or reports to aid you in building work flows for how you do business. This can be in the form of...
    1. Data file conversion from one format to another.
      Often data needs to be converted from one format to another, comma delimited to pipe delimited, etc. We do this!
    2. Importing data into your database from an outside or third party.
      Do you have a company that is processing information for you (Billing Information), that you would like to import back into your own database system. This is a common need across many different business models.
    3. Exporting data to an outside vendor or third party.
      Do you need to extract data from your own database that needs to be sent to a vendor company that will be performing some other kind of service for your business. We can create the extact for you in a variety of formats.
    4. Flat file report generation.
      Do you need excel flat files to be extracted from your database so that you can further crunch numbers?
    5. EDI / HL7 / 270/271 X12 File formats supported.
      We support many different file formats that allow you to universally communicate with other products and services. The above mentioned are a few common formats, however it really doesn't matter what it is.

    Basic Programming Services (White Paper)
  2. Advanced Programming Services
    Advanced programming services includes services such as building complete software solutions for your business. Have you struggled to find a software solution to manage or track some aspect of your business? We can create it for you. A few of the services we support are...
    1. TCP Interfaces to send and receive data.
      We understand how to communicate through a variety of connections and protocols. If you have a vendor that requires you to send data via TCP, we can help with this.
    2. Full software solutions.
      We offer full blown solutions for your business that won't break the bank. Many of us have worked for corporate level consulting companies. We understand how expensive developing a full solution can be. We cut a lot of the overhead out of our solutions without compromising on expertise.
    3. Web applications for your intranet or internet site.
      Do you want your solution to be internet / intranet based. We can handle that as well. We will create the solution to run in your favorite web browser, all that you have to do is let us know who your webhost is. Our only limitation here is that we are a microsoft platform shop so your webhost must support microsoft based web applications.
    4. Larger and more complex flat file report generation solutions.
      We can help you develop complex work flows so that your business will operate simply and smoothly. We can help with reports, imports, exports, SQL scripts, SQL jobs, SQL automation, windows services that will monitor different aspects of your data or listen for incoming data, etc.

    Advanced Programming Services (White Paper)
  3. Programming Services > More Information
    These are but a few of the services that we offer under both basic and advanced programming services. Feel free to give us a call or email if you have a need that you would like to discuss. We offer free quotes on all basic programming services.